Review: Hollowmen by Amanda Hocking

Hollowmen (The Hollows, #2)Published: November 8, 2011
Format: Kindle Edition
Pages: 169

This review is for the second book in The Hollows.  There are some spoilers in the blurb if you have not read the first book, but there are no spoilers for the first book in my review itself.  My review of the first book, Hollowland, is here.

After six months in the quarantine, Remy finds out things are much worse than she feared.  Her plans to escape come with a heavy cost, and she realizes that zombies aren’t the worst of her problems.

Hollowmen picks up six months from where Hollowland left off, and it’s pretty abrupt, with next to no explanation of anything that’s happening. I had read the first book in the series about 2.5 years ago, so after characters were introduced in the second book with no explanation of who they were (and I knew they had been in the first book, but couldn’t recall the circumstances), I had to go back to Hollowland and reread it before continuing on. While there is a little bit of explanation here and there later on, there isn’t much, so if it’s been a long time since you’ve read the first book, you may want to go back and reread it before picking this one up. Also, while I’m not an advocate of reading series out of order, this would definitely not be a good book to do that with regardless, since it doesn’t really explain much of anything to new readers.

There are a ton of new characters introduced, but unfortunately, none of them have much in the way of a personality. They’re very basic and there’s honestly not much aside from their names to distinguish them from one another. While bonds between these new and old characters are formed, and are a lot more believable than bonds between the characters in the first book, there still isn’t enough background given to them to really become attached to them from a reader’s standpoint. I knew I was supposed to care, but I just didn’t, and that was kind of frustrating.

Ultimately, Hollowmen suffers from a lot of the same problems it’s predecessor, with pretty weak characterization and a lot of telling instead of showing what’s going on. That said, it was an interesting enough continuation of the story, and while Remy was still pretty badass, she was also an extremely frustrating character who did things simply because she thought they were right, without really considering the overall wellbeing of the group, and I just wasn’t on board with that. :( But I am happy that I finished a series.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

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